Implanting Screws do not Screw Up the Smile of Patients!

Since the time man has developed himself into a social animal, continuous challenges have made a man strong. Developments have been sprawling over several domains, including industries and agriculture. The development has also touched the medical domain. Health sciences have seen maximum development. This development has led to a population of emigrants leaving their native lands for a better health care facility. This is the scenario of medical tourism, and it is becoming popular in countries like India. Medical tourism has spread its wings in many sectors, including dentistry. The importance of dental implants and the dental implant surgeon is unparalleled.

What is a Dental Implant?

We all know that we humans have 32 teeth, but all are not formed at once. A child post-birth grows milk teeth. Milk teeth are temporary and are usually replaced by the set of permanent teeth. There may be situations when a permanent tooth gets destroyed due to various reasons like an injury, cavity, and many other reasons. Sometimes, the top portion of the tooth is destroyed, but the root remains embedded in the gum, but the crown portion goes missing. In such cases, a dental implant plays an integral part. An implant is an artificial root portion that replaces the existing root portion of the tooth. It is fixed with the help of biocompatible material. An artificial topcoat is placed on such a root to give the appearance of the real tooth.

Criteria for Dental Implantation:

  • The dental surgeon will keep in mind the overall oral health of the patient. The surgeon will look for healthy bone density before the plant. If any patient has insufficient bone density, the oral surgeon will go for a bone graft. This is the initial process that needs to be done before the actual implant.
  • The X-ray is also an important thing to do before any dental implant. This will give an in-depth image of the presence of sufficient bone structure. The x-ray will give a better insight into the exact position. This gives the idea about the exact position in the jaw line where the implant is exactly placed.
  • There are different requirements for different patients. Every patient’s health condition is different. It is important to ascertain the accurate medications after the dental implant. The medications and their details are to be explained to the respective patients.
  • There should be a proper course of treatment that needs to be followed post dental implant. The patient should be given some counselling sessions as well. The counsellor will make the patients understand the pros and cons of the dental implant. The patients are made aware of the diet that they need to follow few days post the implant. They should know about the type of medications given to them and how to follow them.

The concerned surgeon will inform the patients about the duration of the treatment and its cost. The patients are also informed about the number of consecutive appointments that need to be taken. Patients need to be instructed about the post-implant care and the possible recovery time. They can also get an idea about mini dental implants. This will provide the patients with another safe option of an implant.

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