Dental tourism in India is supported by superior dental and oral care under the guidance of experienced surgeons, doctors, and support staff at an affordable cost. With exponentially high costs of medical treatment in developed countries, especially the United States, UK and Australia, more people from across the globe are finding India as a prospective place. This may require a patient to plan a visit to India, in order to receive the treatment required. One such place, Royal Dental Clinic’s Mumbai; does straightening and beautification of teeth on a single day. They provide both general and specialised treatments to the patients visiting India, acknowledging every astute patient’s needs. Royal aspires to provide a personalised plan that is apt for your travel itinerary as well. Also, many pre-planned Dental packages for tour are available for patients visiting some of the interesting places in India.

Dental Treatments Offered in India

Dental Implants

Get Implants In Just One Day With Fixed Teeth In Virtually No Or Less Bone

Root Canals

Treat Gum Diseases In Time & Save Your Mobile Teeth.

Dental Bridges, caps, crowns, veneers

Smile Makeover which improves your appearance on Same Day

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are used to give fixed teeth where removable dentures are placed due to a lack of bone for dental implants.

Reasons to go to India for Dental Services

Cost effective

Dental and cosmetic surgery costs in India are very economical; with world-class dental treatment with 70% savings and a great holiday, anyone can get all this in India.

Prompt Service

Long wait in other countries has made it next to impossible to get dental treatment. In India, clinics understand the importance of this issue and quick with their service.


People coming from abroad get packages covering all aspects of the dental appointment. Moreover, they get English speaking medical staff, so there is no problem with communication.

Tourist Destinations

India is a great country to explore, It is playing host to patients from several countries dental care seekers get boarding and lodging along with the treatment as a package, Travelling in India is as affordable as any dental treatment.

Superior Quality

Doctors in India are well trained both in terms of the scale of procedures done and the exposure to varying levels of complexity.

Straightening & Beautification of Teeth in One Day

A “smile makeover” can improve the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Medical Tourism

India provides an opportunity for the medical tourists to visit some of the most beautiful and artistic places at economical prices.

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism offers superior dental care under the guidance of experienced doctors, and support staff at an affordable cost.

About India

India is a vast, diverse country that is home to over a billion people and boasts a rich cultural history.

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    I was assured that the treatment will be done in One day and the promise was kept.

    Anita Parker
    Business Woman (Unites States)

    My treatment was done in just One day and that is what I wanted due to lack of time. The treatment done at Royal Dental was perfect and I was well looked after.

    Ashok Patel
    Director of Tnv Construction Ltd (Unites Kingdom)

    My treatment was done in One day. I am very thankful to Dr. Chamria & his whole team and particularly to his son Dr. Chirag.

    Kamal Agrawal
    MD of Deep Shipping Agency (India)

    The treatment was extremely smooth and done in One day. Overall I’m very happy with the treatment.

    Disha Padav
    Student (Australia)

    I am working in Mumbai for the last 40+ years. I got my crooked teeth aligned in 2008 and since then I have been a regular visitor at Royal. I believe nature’s imperfection in a smile has been corrected by the doctors. I always recommend Royal for all such dental treatment.

    Mr. Tyagi

    I have a very fantastic experience & I am very satisfied with the treatment.

    From missing teeth to fixed teeth in One day.

    Mr Naresh Shah
    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Mumbai)

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