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Royal Dental Clinic expands across Kandivali and Malad in Mumbai, India over about 8000+ sq ft area. There are multiple patient rooms for consulting and treatment purposes. Royal provides utmost care and comfort to their patients and hence has occupied close to 8 patient waiting rooms where patient along with their relatives can take comfort. Royal Dental appoints doctors who have led innovative ways of case presentation and surgeries with the help of a well-equipped team of staff and admin support.

With best in class technologies and equipment from across the globe, Royal Dental has developed seamless processes from planning to designing and execution of prosthesis. Royal Dental established its in-house manufacturing unit in 1989 and in-house Royal Dental Lab (RDL) in 2004. Very interestingly, each day at RDL goes by in more research and developmental work, which, in turn, enables them to innovate solutions in the world of dentistry implants.

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