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Travel & Arrival

We can help you connect with Travel agencies to plan your visit & India Tour

Medical Estimate

Get your medical opinion from respective surgeon and Cost Estimates

Royal Patient Guide

Consulting & Treatment on same day with advanced techniques

Make A Decision

Please confirm your dates in advance for us to help schedule your appointment.

Tour & Back Home

You tour India if required, then return happy home

Contact Us

After a general inquiry is made from patient’s end, we try to get to know more details in terms of medical history and all relevant details on mail. All medical questions are forwarded to the surgeons for their expert professional inputs.


Medical Estimate

We respond within 24 hrs with relevant information, including various cost estimates for the surgery. Most of our surgeries are completed on the same day, nevertheless we develop a timeline and share for your treatment and recuperation. You can initiate your medical tourism process by contacting us.

Step 3 - Make A Decision

It is for the patient to decide on the treatment they wish to take from the options best listed. They may also choose tentative dates and inform us in advance for us to start planning their surgical guides. If need be, we can also arrange for a telephonic consultation with the selected surgeon at a mutually convenient time. We can even connect you to the local travel agents to give you support in the travel plan.
It is considered best if you could send across your photos and supporting medical reports/records, if any, to [email protected] through e-mail.

Step 4 - Travel & Arrival

At Royal Dental, we would be honored to have you visit our country and extend our warm hospitality, as we believe that guests are equivalent to God. We can even connect you with local travel agents who can provide you with support in planning your trip. They will be able to offer you affordable rates based on your budget and requirements for travel and hotel accomodation. We currently do not have any accommodation or pick up and drop facility.


Step 5 - Royal Patient Guide

We will start your physical dental examination at 9am, and then following by impressions, scans and other details as required by the attending surgeon. The surgeon you have selected shall answer all your questions to your satisfaction, in the terms you understand. After understanding the anticipated outcome of your surgery, you and the surgeon shall therefore concur about your expectations of the end result. You are free to discuss alternatives, if any, and thoroughly understand the risks of the procedure. Neither you nor the surgeon is under any obligation until after your pre-operative consultation. The fee quoted in the initial inquiry will be confirmed after further personal medical evaluation by the surgeon.

Once the surgery starts it should take couple of hours or may be max 2 days to get the complete medical process done as per the intensity of the problem. There would be a patient waiting room with bed and breakfast in the clinic facility available for your family if required.

Step 6 - Tour & Back Home

It is important for patients to recuperate in the town of surgery for the required postoperative period. This requirement is dependent on the nature of the procedure.

You may choose to tour around for a while and our travel agents can help you develop plan as per your medical condition. All the arrangements and requirements will be done bearing in mind your medical condition and comfort.

Once you are through with your intended itinerary and medical tourism process, we will solicit your feedback on the whole experience in India, including the operating surgeon, medical facility, Royal Dental’s services.

We constantly endeavour to improve our offerings and service quality, hence, we greatly value your input, suggestions, and comments.

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