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Founded by Dr. Arun Chamria in India in 1983, Royal Dental has become an industry stalwart with over three decades of experience in building “Dentistry with Real Smiles.” Dr. Chamria is internationally recognised for his contributions to “Same Day Fixed Teeth,” “Immediate Loading of Implants,” and “Advances in Dentistry,” particularly in the field of implantology.

Royal Dental is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment from around the world, and the process from planning to designing and executing prosthesis has been seamlessly developed with tremendous research contributions. Over 20,000 patients have trusted Royal for their full-mouth rehabilitation or beautification procedures, believing in the mantra, “One day of patience, many years of peace.”

Royal Dental’s international standards of dental care and services are highly appreciated, and patients who visit Royal are shown their dental scan before and after treatment. The in-house manufacturing established in 1989 and the in-house Royal Dental Lab established in 2004 have been pillars of support for clinical operations. RDL has used the latest and most advanced technology for making crown and bridges for long-term dental prostheses, such as in-house CAD-CAM technology and 3D printing. Recently, their advanced solutions for oral care have produced outstanding results.

Royal Dental’s processes do not require multiple visits as they offer same-day consultation and treatment in one day. Their team of dental surgeons provides innovative and efficient same-day solutions in dentistry, delivering real smiles in most cases in just one day. However, they always emphasise to their patients the importance of visiting for regular necessary check-ups and teeth balancing to maintain good oral health following the one-day treatment.





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