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India Dental Tourism, founded by Lt. Dr. Arun Chamria in 1983, stands as a shining beacon of dental excellence in India. With over 15 years of experience in providing services to international patients, India Dental Tourism has mastered the art of creating. Dentistry with Real Smiles. Dr. Chamria has earned global recognition for dental innovation, particularly in the fields of Same Day Fixed Teeth. Immediate Loading of Implants and Advances in Dentistry.

At India Dental Tourism, cutting-edge technologies and equipment from around the world seamlessly integrate into every step of the process, from planning to designing and executing prostheses. With a track record of over 800 satisfied foreign patients, India Dental Tourism has earned a reputation for excellence, guided by the belief that One day of patience, many years of peace can be achieved through their meticulous care.

Patients undergoing treatment at India Dental Tourism are provided care under international standards of dental care, with the added bonus of viewing their dental scans before and after treatment. The in-house manufacturing Dental Laboratory plays a crucial role in supporting clinical operations. Utilizing the latest CAD-CAM Technology, 3D printing, Intraoral scanning, and many other technologies, India Dental Tourism consistently produces long-lasting crown and bridge solutions.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to providing same-day consultation and treatment. Their team of skilled dental surgeons offers innovative and efficient solutions, often resulting in genuine smiles after just one day. While emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups and teeth balancing for maintaining oral health, India Dental Tourism ensures that their patients leave with more than just a beautiful smile—they leave with a sense of confidence and peace of mind.





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