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Founded in 1983 by Dr. Arun Chamria in India, Royal Dental is now an Industry stalwart practicing for over 3 decades towards building ‘Dentistry with real Smiles’. Royal Dental is Internationally recognised for our founder’s contribution to ‘Same Day Fixed Teeth’ , ‘Immediate Loading of Implants’ , ‘Advances in Dentistry’, particularly in the field of Implantology.

Royal Dental is a home for state-of-art technologies and equipment from across the globe. The processes from planning to designing and execution of prosthesis has been seamlessly developed with tremendous contribution to research. This can be inferred from over 20,000+ patients who have trusted Royal for their Full-mouth Rehabilitation or Beautification procedures. It is this trust that has made patients believe, ‘One day of patience, many years of peace.’

Royal’s International Standards of Dental Care & Services is much appreciated. Patients who visit Royal are made to see their dental scan before and also after treatment. Our in-house manufacturing established in 1989 and in-house Royal Dental Lab established in 2004 have been pillars of support for the clinical operations. RDL had used world’s latest and most advanced technology for making crown and bridges for long term dental prosthesis such as in house CAD-CAM technology and 3D printing. In recent times, our further advancement-led solutions for Oral-care has given remarkably outstanding results.

Our processes do not require multiple visits as we offer Same-Day Consultation and Treatment in 1 Day. We accomplish quality and provide comfort in dental care services. Our team of dental surgeons provide innovative and efficient, same day solutions in dentistry. In most cases, we deliver the real smile in one day. Even then, we always lay emphasis on our patients to visit us for regular necessary check ups and teeth balancing along with maintaining the teeth in good health following the one day treatment..





History About Royal


Foundation of ‘The Royal Dental Group of Companies’ with Single Chair Dental Clinic


Pioneers for Light cure composite in India


Established ‘Save Your Teeth Concept’ to apply prevention-based practices


Started Same Day Pulp Therapy


In 1999 – initiated our dental implant practise with the concept of Same Day Fixed Teeth With Dental Implants.


Expanded into Multiple Chair Dental Practice


Introduced computer guided technology in our practice.


Special training for Zygomatic Implants i.e. Implants in Thin Maxilla and Mandible


Strengthened twelve chair dental practice in 2 locations – Malad and Kandivali


Use of shock-absorbing materials to better fix artificial teeth.


Introduction of Microscope in Dental Practice along with Digital X-rays


In-House Maxillofacial CBCT and Full mouth Dental X-rays Revolution in dentistry using digital CAD-CAM in-house Use of Advanced Virtual Surgical Maxillofacial Planning and Printing for advanced and challenging cases


Radical shift from Metal containing Zirconia prosthesis to Body friendly, Biocompatible Composite Polymers and 3D printing for advanced and challenging cases.


To establish ourselves as ‘A centre for quality and expeditious solution to serve complex maxillofacial and dental cases’


To use advanced technologies for providing fixed teeth; even in very less bone with support of implants which was almost impossible before.

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