Which Dental Prosthesis Is Best For You?

Dental prosthesis is a dental material which is used to restore a missing tooth. Dental prosthesis are the artificial caps or crowns that are fixed over the natural contoured tooth or dental implant.

In cases of financial constraints or certain medical conditions, a removable dental prosthesis may be suggested. The dentist would take 3-4 days for the relevant measurements of denture to be fabricated in the lab. These removable dentures take the support of the soft tissue for retention, the efficiency is considered to be much lower when compared with the fixed alternative.

In most cases at Royal, fixed dental prosthesis are recommended. These could be fixed over natural tooth or dental implant. The materials that may be used for prosthesis could be classified under two headings:

  • Conventional (Metal/Ceramic)
  • Polymers (Multicomm/HIPC/Resin)

Conventional fixed prosthesis are fabricated using metals such as titanium, chrome-cobalt alloys, zirconia or ceramic. These prosthesis exert heavy pressure on the bone, and do not deform under biting stress.

Since the conventional fixed prosthesis are hard they amplify load which may be transmitted to the implant, bone or natural teeth. This results in long term resorption of the internal structures. To correct these negatives, polymers were introduced in dentistry and advised.

Polymers for fixed teeth are innovative and unique materials which are approved by the Food and Drugs Authority, India. These materials may be available to be fixed as a temporary splint or a permanent restoration. They have a tendency for shock absorption and hence reduce the load which goes on the implant and therefore protects the natural bone. One such advanced polymer available is SAPteethTM.

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