What Can A Person Do, If They Can’t Easily Afford A Root Canal And Crown?

This is a wrong question to ask. The correct question should be, ‘Is it of value to spend on root canal and crown?’
The correct answer to this would be that prevention is better and also the most cost effective way for your teeth.
A root canal can be avoided altogether if you visit your dentist regularly and get the recommended fluoridation and fillings on time. In case where the cavity is very deep and root canal is the only option besides extraction, then lets compare:
Root Canal Therapy + Crown or the alternate is extraction + implant + crown. It is obvious that the latter would be more expensive.

Now, you might think why do I need implant, lets just remove it and not replace.

In that case, you shall only pay for the extraction now which would be cheaper. But, you should be aware of the consequences.
Loss of one tooth would result in the opposing tooth and the neighbouring tooth to migrate into that space. Which in-turn would cause food lodgement and bone loss. This would eventually lead to loss of teeth. Slowly, as a consequence in a matter of few years multiple or even complete loss of teeth would result.

Therefore in the long run, it is always of value to save ones teeth from extraction and do a root canal therapy with crown.
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