We Have The Solution For A Smile You Have Been Hiding!

If for some reason you have lost a tooth, it is normal to feel embarrassed and loose self confidence, especially when you smile. The good thing is that Royal Dental brings One Day solution to such problems that can put an end to your embarrassment!

There may be multiple reasons why someone may have lost a tooth: A cavity, a trauma, a broken tooth, or a baby tooth that fell and no tooth grew in its place. A missing tooth has consequences on people’s confidence, looks, aesthetics, and eating comfort. That is the reason why it is so important to solve such issues through an implant.

There are many solutions to fix the space left by a missing tooth, the most natural one is through a dental implant. An implant is a procedure by which your dentist will make a pin-hole in your dental bone. Thereby place an implant which functions as a root of your teeth have. It acts as an anchor to your new fixed tooth. Without the root, it would be impossible to prevent the teeth from moving, or performing actions such as biting.

Then once the implant is placed, your dentist will make a crown which comes in variety of materials. The crown resembles your natural tooth, so that no one will ever be able to tell it is not a real tooth. And once again, this is a painless procedure, unlikely any other dental procedure you may have had in the past.

Just remember that an implant is a simple, painless procedure, which can be done within one to two hours in a day! There is no reason why you should not get one incase required. Just one appointment and your smile and bite will change forever! Therefore for those of you who have no time, the solution has been waiting here for you all this time. No need to be embarrassed or having a hard time chewing your food anymore! Make an appointment today, and you will never look as good as when the space between your teeth has been covered by an implant!

Make an appointment today, and finally get that implant you need so that you can proudly smile & eat all the time!

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