Service Overview

Mobility in teeth can be caused by a number of factors. However treating them at the right time, can prevent the loss of the tooth. Correcting the crown root ratio is treatment of choice in most of the cases for saving the tooth. The treatment can be completed by a combination of Perio-Prostho intervention and has seen to prolong the tooth life by several years.
Royal.resin, Royal.multiCOM, Royal.HIPC, Royal.BioPEEK are few of the prosthetic materials used by us at RDL. For along-term dental prosthesis – HIPC has already been tested in vivo and approved for expected life of over 9 years and is clinically-proven and safe to use. Royal.HIPC is plaque-resistant with excellent gingiva compatibility and resistant to discolourations and thus lead to a higher level of patient acceptance. Royal.BioPEEK has a natural periodontium like similar shock absorption which is durable as it has high wear and chewing comfort, with lower implant failure due too ver loading in most cases.
We can not only see it, but also save it.!!
A broken tooth may not be visible to our naked eyes (or just a small fragment visible through the gums) can be saved (after confirmation from a x-ray).
The root portion of a healthy tooth comprises of 2/3rd part of a tooth which lies under the gums. Post and core along with crown lengthening procedure can help us restore your broken tooth without the use of an artificial implant. The above procedure again is a Perio-Prostho intervention and has seen to be highly successful.

Price Table

discounts for regular customers

Cosmetic Dentistry

Starts from $35 / per tooth

  • Professional Consultation
  • Dental veneers
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Teeth Cleaning

Tooth Implants

Starts from $350 / per implant

  • Professional Consultation
  • Tooth Implants
  • Dentures
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Implant on Bone
  • Implant on virtually less bone

Occlusal Rehabilitation

Starts from $50 / per tooth

  • Professional Consultation
  • Bite Analysis
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Fillings & Root Canal
  • Mouth Reconstruction
  • Jaw Bone Alignment
ProceduresRoyal Dental($)USA($)UK(£)
Consulting with X-rays$50$1000£ 850
Root Canal$295/tooth$800/tooth£200/tooth
Ceramic Crown (Metal Fused)$450/tooth$1500/tooth£1300/tooth
Dental Implant$350/Implant$3,500/Implant£2000/Implant
Teeth Whitening$50/tooth$1500£ 1400