Root canal treatment is required when there is an infection in the blood or nerve supply of the tooth known as pulp. This infection can be caused by decay or some injury. Infection can spread from pulp to root canal system of the tooth, which can further cause an abscess. An abscess is an area that is swollen due to the collection of pus. This further causes the inflamed tissues around the tooth. It can cause ache that can range from slow to severe pain, and the tooth becomes painful when you bite.

Symptoms of root canal pain

  • Inflammation or swelling in the infected area.
  • Mild to acute toothache.
  • Pain while chewing or biting.
  • Tenderness and fever.

Root canal treatment is important to stop the infection from spreading and to prevent the situation in which the tooth needs to be extracted. Root canal treatment is the best method for saving your teeth as it is relatively painless and very effective. Dentists treat millions of teeth through the root canal method. The treatment of root canal cost in India can be anything between Rs 1800 to Rs 12000 depending on the condition of the teeth. The main concern of every patient who wants to undergo such treatment is the post-procedure recovery period.

Because of the procedure, the patient may encounter a little discomfort like tooth sensitivity, swelling, etc. after the treatment. These symptoms of discomfort are for a short period and can be cured through medication. To recover quickly, patients must adhere to all the instructions given by their dentist and also follow good oral hygiene practices. Patients must follow the tips given below to recover early after the root canal treatment.

  • Proper medication: Patients must follow their dentist’s instructions and take the required medicines as prescribed. Such medicines include pain killers which help in relieving the discomfort.
  • Avoiding certain types of foods: Dentists usually advise their patients to avoid certain types of foods, especially after their root canal treatment. These are sticky or crunchy foods that can harm your repaired tooth. While the tooth healing is in progress, you should avoid chewing food with that tooth.
  • Taking care of swelling: Swelling is common in the area where treatment is done. If there is extreme swelling, you should consult your dentist. It is also advisable to avoid food and beverages that can lead to an increase in swelling.
  • Rinsing mouth: It is recommended that you should rinse your mouth with warm and salty water to minimize the risk of infections.
  • Eating ice-cream: Eating ice-cream is very effective in decreasing inflammation or swelling.

Taking good care of yourself after a root canal treatment is essential for a faster recovery. Every patient must follow all the given instructions, along with taking proper rest for some days. Patients must avoid any exhausting work for a few days after the treatment. Many experienced and well-qualified dentists provide the best root canal treatment in India with the help of the latest techniques and equipment.

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