How Long Does It Take To Place Dental Implants?

Traditionally dental implants were performed in a two-step procedure between 12-14 weeks. In the first step the titanium post, is inserted into the jaw bone. Before any further action, the process of self-integration of dental implant with the jawbone, is allowed to take place. After several months of healing, an abutment is placed on top of the implant over which a crown, the part that replaces your tooth, is attached. The disadvantage of the traditional method is the amount of time it takes to complete the procedure. Since its done free hand, the placement of implant is only an estimate for the insertion of the implant into the jawbone. Many times this means that the implant is inserted into a less-than-optimal spot, which accounts for the long healing time.

At Royal Dental Clinics, India, the same procedure of placing Dental Implants is completed in a couple of hours using precise technology and expertise. Dental implant procedures that Royal Dental performs in a couple of hours does not use the traditional process. Dentists at Royal use a single-stage immediate-loading implant, and they stand pioneers for this One Day treatment. In the procedure which is performed at Royal Dental Clinics, a tooth may be removed, an implant is inserted, and a crown is placed in couple of hours. While the procedure is performed within few hours, there is no freehand here, as it takes a surgical guide to be created. In others words, getting your implants in One Day is a much more accurate process compared to the traditional method.

Royal Dental Is A Pioneer For Same Day Fixed Teeth On Implants & Has Been Congratulated By The Scientific Committee Of World Congress On Oral Implantology An Apex Forum In The World; At USA In 2004.

Royal Has In-House CBCT (Dental X- Rays), Dental Laboratory With The Latest CAD-CAM & 3D-Printing Technology To Ease The Process.

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To answer the original question; how long does a dental implant procedure take.

With the process and technology that is used at Royal, it can be performed in just One day, in-fact in a couple of hours. Royal Dental’s One Day Implants and Smile Beautification has a high rate of success as seen over 30+ years across 7,500 patients.

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