Factors for success of dental implants

Dental implants are artificial root made of titanium or its alloys or ceramic or Peek or modified resins etc. They give support to the crown (cap) portion of the teeth. The crown is used for chewing. The inherent bone quality, bone volume, debilitating diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism, conditions like bruxism, clenching of teeth, diseases of gums and bone, occlusion or contacts between the teeth, the direction of forces on teeth while chewing, the hardness of surface material with which chewing is done like the enamel of teeth; the passive fitting of the prosthesis on the dental implants etc. are some fundamental factors which determine the success of dental implants. All factors are neither in control of the dental implantologist nor the patient. Experience shows very good success even when the above stated factors are not favourable; while in conditions when all the aforesaid factors are favourable still there are failures. In any event the success rate of dental implants are very high-almost 90% over a 10 year period.

Recently researches have identified the importance of success of dental implants due to advent of the revolutionary SAPTEETH (Shock absorbable permanent teeth) technology. The occlusal surfaces like enamel in human beings have hardness ranging between 350 to 450 mpa. The occlusal surfaces like ceramic, zirconia, metal have hardness of about 1000 to 4500 mpa. The load on the dental implants, bone underneath the teeth crowns due to these materials is almost 24 to 149 times higher when compared to recently introduced revolutionary materials like hi-impact polymer composites having hardness of only 120 mpa. With technological advancements these polymers have very good chewing efficiency and have wear off capabilities to last for 9+ years in normal conditions. Even in most challenging conditions like bruxism (night grinding of teeth) and clenching of teeth; teeth crowns and bridges made by Sapteeth technology over implants or natural teeth with these polymers have higher success rate in comparison to teeth crowns and bridges made in ceramic, zirconia, metal over the dental implants or natural teeth.

Dr. Arun Chamria

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