Oral health and dental care are an important part of health care. Any fault in the teeth needs to be taken care of by seeking proper advice and treatment from an expert dentist to restore dental hygiene. Any issue with teeth can lead to further problems causing discomfort. A problem like missing or loss of teeth can result in embarrassment as your gaps in the teeth are visible when you smile. You may lose your tooth/teeth because of an accident, injury, decay, etc. Missing teeth also cause difficulty while eating and speaking. It also lowers your confidence, and hence you may start avoiding social engagements in the fear to face embarrassment. For filling this gap, you can opt for dentures or dental bridges. But it is advisable to go for dental implants as it is an excellent method for replacing your missing tooth with an artificial tooth. You can consult one of the best dental implant surgeons and start your procedure for an implant to get back your beautiful and attractive smile.

What can an implant do?

  • It can replace one or more teeth without harming adjoining teeth.
  • It supports a bridge and reduces the need for a detachable partial denture.
  • It provides support for a denture to make it more secure and comfortable.

After dental implants, you can flaunt your beautiful teeth and smile confidently. False teeth are a great choice to fill the gaps left by tooth loss. They are more comfortable, cost-effective, and secure than dentures or dental bridges.

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These implants provide significant advantages over dentures and bridges like:

  • They provide a permanent and fixed solution for the missing teeth.
  • Dental implants require less maintenance than dentures and bridges.
  • The artificial tooth looks similar to your natural tooth and also functions the same way.
  • They are comfortable and stable as they are fixed into the jawbone.
  • They are strong and durable. They can last for a lifetime as they have a high success rate.
  • They are fixed; hence there is no need to take them out every time for cleaning purposes.
  • With implants, you can brush your teeth easily with a normal toothbrush and toothpaste.

Dental implant surgery requires several visits to specialists. You should get your teeth examined thoroughly before starting with the implant procedure. Also, you should tell your surgeon about any prevailing medical condition beforehand. If there is any type of infection, you have to take a complete course of antibiotics before starting your implant procedure. It is essential to quit smoking, intake of tobacco products, and excessive drinking as they are toxic not only for your heart and lungs but can also cause dental implant procedure to fail. The patient needs to maintain a good and healthy oral hygiene. Gums should be in a healthy condition and free of periodontal disease. There are the best dental implant surgeons and dentists in India who perform personalized and professional treatments at the best dental implant hospitals with advanced techniques. With the availability of qualitative dental treatments in India, dental tourism is increasing every year.

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