Cancer affected jaw teeth-Cajteeth

Even today most of the cancer affected jaw are treated by oncologist having no dental background. As a result the cancer is successfully cured but the quality of life of person is poor due to improper chewing of food, looks of the face being adversely affected, the resultant psycological impact etc. Now with advancement in technology when the cancer affected jaw are treated by oncologist in conjunction with dental experts having good knowledge of CAD-CAM technology and Sapteeth technology with help of 3d printers, CAD-CAM, CBCT etc. are able to give teeth at the same time when the cancer surgery is performed. This revolutionary concept named ‘Cajteeth’ introduced by Dr.Chirag- a maxillofacial plastic surgeon- at IIDR-International institute of Dental Research; Mumbai; has made the possibility for cancer affected jaw teeth patients; a better quality of life as regards better chewing and better looks.

Dr.Arun Chamria

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