Dental implants are simply the most common and excellent method for restoring a lost tooth or multiple teeth. An individual can face the issue of missing teeth at any point in life. Tooth loss can occur due to various reasons like accident/injury, trauma, tooth decay, severe gum problems, etc. Not maintaining proper oral hygiene can further cause various damages to teeth. Having a dental implant would help in solving various problems like:

  • Trouble in chewing.
  • Speech problems.
  • Pain in facial muscles.
  • The weakening of the muscles.

Dental implants are suitable for everyone suffering from tooth loss irrespective of their age and gender. Along with dental implants, it is important to fix the problems accompanied by the missing tooth or teeth for enhancing your smile.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are screws that are installed straight into the jawbone to support the false teeth. They are made to work and resemble your natural teeth. It helps you to chew your food easily, speak normally, and smile with confidence. These implants are made up of titanium that is placed in the root area to support crowns or dentures. They also prevent roots of other teeth from shifting to empty spaces due to missing tooth.

Procedure for dental implant

Dental implant procedure in India includes the following steps:

  • First of all, the jawbone is prepared, and a cut is made on it for drilling holes to fix the screw in it. The holes are drilled deep to fix screws in the roots.
  • After fixing the screw, the crown needs to be placed. It takes some months for the new bone to grow in the jaw. For filling the gap, a temporary crown can be placed there. This crown can be removed at any time for further surgeries.
  • In the entire procedure, the jawbone will grow and combine with dental implants to give a base for the false tooth.
  • The placement of abutment is done only after the complete healing. The cut is reopened to attach the abutment and gums are again allowed to heal for some months. It is required to have only soft and healthy food during the entire process.
  • The last step is the placement of the crown. This time the crown is placed permanently that would look similar to the natural tooth.

After the completion of the entire procedure, it is important to take proper care. All the instructions and prescriptions of the dentist must be adhered to. Smoking and tobacco products must be strictly avoided. Intake of hot beverages must be limited. A toothbrush that has soft bristles must be used. Good oral hygiene is a must after the dental implant, along with good eating and drinking habits. Dental implant surgery in India is performed using advanced techniques by many experienced and expert dentists. The dental implants are strong and durable and have a high success rate. They are convenient and comfortable for eating, speaking, and performing regular activities.

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