Who does not want to make their smile look brighter and prettier? Nowadays, technological advancements have made brightening your smile easy than ever before. One thing that we all should keep in mind is that color of our teeth is never pure white. The color changes that happen naturally are healthy as well. But we all want to have a wonderful smile that too without harming our teeth. People in various countries look for a dental clinic abroad in India for undergoing teeth lightening treatment. India is one of the best dental tourism destinations.

Color lightening or whitening of teeth requires proper care as it is not a perpetual solution for discoloration of your teeth. We all can have our preferred set of pearl white teeth just by making some simple changes in their daily routine. If you want to lighten your teeth without undergoing any treatment, you should follow some tips given below.

  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene: The essential thing for making your teeth white and bright is following good oral hygiene practices. Good oral hygiene practices include brushing your teeth twice every day, use good quality mouth wash to get rid of plaque-causing bacteria, and removing plaque by flossing. Brushing twice a day or after having every meal, will help your teeth prevent staining. You can also use toothpaste which has teeth lightening properties for added brightness as they contain gentle polishing agents to remove surface stains only and do not contain bleach.
  • What to eat and what not to: You should always be careful while eating. Some foods and drinks can stain your teeth if consumed regularly like, tea, coffee, red wine, soft drinks, some berries, etc. These foods and drinks have some pigment that leads to discoloration of teeth. You can limit your consumption of such foods and beverages, or you should brush your teeth immediately after consuming them. Some foods that have citrus acid tend to weaken the enamel, which further leads to staining of your teeth. Therefore, brushing teeth after consuming such acidic foods should be avoided as it could further harm or damage the enamel. Other than being bad for the lungs and heart, smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to various problems related to our mouth. One such problem is the discoloration of teeth. So, smoking or chewing tobacco should strictly be avoided.
  • Regular dental check-ups: You should visit your dentist at least once every six months. Routine appointments with your dentist would help prevent various problems by early detection and treatments. If you are following all the tips given above regularly, then visiting the dentist would help you reach results quickly. Taking precautions and adopting home remedies is a good option but consulting the best dentist in India before adopting such remedies would help you achieve great results without damaging any other part of your mouth.

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, following above mentioned tips wisely would help you make your teeth cleaner, lighter, whiter, and smile brighter.

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